XPT - C Particle size and shape analysers for suspensions


XPT-C particle analyser XPT-C Flyer

Working principle XPT-C: particle supsension is pumped through the flow-through cell on the outside of the unit - either directly from a process or from a sample. A CCD camera continuously takes images at a rate of 30 frames per second, which are analysed in real time and results displayed and saved.

Complete system: consists of stainless steel housing with camera and lighting system by high-power LED, flow-through cell, peristaltic pump, magnetic stirrer, controll system, PC and software.

Measurement range: from 1 micron upwards, maximum resolution 0.5 micron/Pixel

Technical data:
Minimum sample size: 1ml
Housing dimensions 380 x 300 x 120mm
Material: stainless steel
Power supply 115/230V, optional 12V rechargeable battery

Particles, droplets or bubbles in liquid
Measurement of particle size, shape and count
Particle shape detection

High pressure / high temperature
Adhesives, epoxy resins
Counting product beads into vials

Detection of micrometer particles in highly concentrated submicron dispersions
Particles in hot engine oil online under pressure
Counting of fibres in other particle suspension
Tracking Osswald ripening of crytall needles
Measurement of shape change of grinding particles
Food, pharma, polymers, chemicals, oils...

Bubbles in soda and beer or bubblefree measurement under pressure
Yeast cells in wheat beer
Shaving foam, whipped cream

New options !:
Heated flow-through cell for measurement in melts
Polarized light for online discrimination of amorphous and crystalline particles