Membrane Technology

We are specialists for membrane units for laboratory and pilot for the membrane processes nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and reverse osmosis. Our membrane test systems have a low minimum working volume so that high concentration factors can be achieved. Concentration and diafiltration can be run computer controlled. Our membrane filtration units are flexible in use with a wide variety of membranes and membrane modules from all manufacturers. In addition, we test and develop membrane processes for your application (membrane screening, scale-up).

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Membrane units

You bring the separation task and we tell you if it is feasible. If so, we can run a test, screen some of the possibly best membranes for this separation, optimize the process on our lab and pilot test units up to the process design of a production plant.


We build and supply laboratory membrane and pilot membrane units: well-proven and continuously developed design. From laboratory systems for smallest volumes to pilot membrane plants with several m2 membrane area and for some 100 litres feed.


PS Prozesstechnik GmbH

We have 30 years of experience in membrane technology. In process development as well as construction of membrane units. This has lead to some standard units: MiniMem, MaxiMem, PiloMem and ChroMem. We also build pilot units according to customer needs and support the construction of larger production units.

If you are considering a new membrane application, we can give you our experience concerning feasibility already in a first discussion. We can perform lap tests for confirmation. We will use these results in a report that includes the first scale-up estimation.  Further lab and pilot development can establish the final process.

We are using a braod range of commericially available membranes of all important membrane manufacturers. We are permanently testing new membranes that enter the market.