Membrane Technology

We develop the best membrane process for concentration and purification of your product. We build membrane units for laboratoryand pilot and small production units.


Particle System Measurement Instruments

We sell innovative measurement instruments for particle system measurements: particle size, shape and count, stability of dispersions, flowabality of powders.

GMP microfiltration for parenterals
particle size measurement dynamic image analysis
Membrane process development: Reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration. 
Lab units: MiniMem, MaxiMem

Pilot membrane units:
PiloMem and ChroMem GMP and ATEX
Large scale units: example of a multi stage RO plant
Reference Examples: Design and construction of a GMP microfiltration for parenterals, extraction solution recycling in a pharma production, concentrating of herbal extracts, desalination of a special optical brightener, concentration and purification of a fermentation product before and after chromatography, nanofiltration of non-aqueous systems, construction of tailor made pilot units


Volution: Powder Flow Analysis under Load
with ring shear cell and wall friction measurement
Evolution: Fast, easy and economical measurement instrument for flowability of powders under load. Direct measurement of unconfined yield strength, flow factora, flow functions and time consolidation
Revolution: Flowability and fluidization of powders under no Load
Measurement of flowability, granulation, caking and fluidization in one Instrument. Optiional measurement of electrostatic charge
XPT: Online Measurement of Particle Size, Shape and Count
Measurement of particle size, shape, count and color change by online image analysis, in dispersions and dry, with flow-through cell and probes

LUM: Stability- and Demixing Analysis of Dispersions. Including Particle Size Module
Applications in: Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemicals, Polymers, Latex Adhesives, Liposomes, Cells, Lubricants, Pulp and Paper, Waste Water, Sludge, Polishing, Ceramics, Agro, Nanoparticles