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Volution - Measurement of Powder Flowability under Load

Volution Powder Flow Tester

The Volution Powder Flow Tester is a ring shear tester which automatically measures the flow characteristics of powders and granular materials under defined load and determines all parameters according to the well established Mohr-Coulomb model. The resulting values can be used for designing silos or to predict powder flow under load.

    Advantages of Volution Powder Flow Testers:
  • Small footprint economical instrument.
  • Measurement cells can be easyly removed from the instrument for cleaning, filling or time consolidation in a climate chamber while the instrument is free for other runs.
  • Completely automated measurement.
  • All forces and travel are controlled and measured by the instrument. Thus the whole course of the measurement is registered.
  • The software calculates all results automatically.
Volution ION charge module

ION charge module: this optional modules measures the charge that is built up ob the powder surface after a flat plate of any material has moved over the powder surface for a defined time at defined pressure and speed. Charge of the powder has an important influence on flow behavior and adhesion to surfaces.

Graphs from Volution software
    The Benefits of Powder Flow Measurement:
  • Maintain flow out of hoppers, bins and storage containers
  • Predict caking, bridging & non uniform flow during manufacturing process
  • Measure charge properties of powders and wall materials
  • Measure wall friction against any wall material
    Technical Data:
  • Instrument size: 22 x 15 x 50 cm
  • Instrument weight: 12kg
  • Sample size: 30 ccm or 180 ccm
  • Stress Range: 0.1 to 250 KPa programmable
  • Shear Speed: 0.1 to 30mm/min programmable
  • Consolidation: Automatic control of critical conditions
  • Cohesion
  • Angle of Internal Friction
  • Unconfined Yield Strength
  • Flow Funtion
  • Absolute and Relative Flow Index
  • Density, Initial & Under Load
  • Compression Index
  • Volume Reduction Factor
  • Percentage Compression
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Wall friction
  • Electrostatic Powder Charge