Revolution Powder Analyzer - The Dynamic Powder Flowability Characterization Instrument

Revolution powder analyser for flowability

Revolution Powder Analyzer Flyer

With the REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer you can determine your powder's process behavior directly in a simulated process environment. You can perform all of these performance behavior tests: Flowability, Granulation, Mixing and Fluidization with one simple to use Powder Analyzer - The REVOLUTION.

NEW: optional charge measurement module. Electrostatic charge built up during movement and dissipation at rest has an important influence on the flow behavior of a powder. It can be changed e.g. by adding flow agents.

NEW: optional program controlled heated measurement chamber (max. 250°C)

The working principle: The REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer has a rotating drum that measures the flow properties of granular and fluidized materials.The operator fills the rotating drum with 8 - 100cc of powder. A stepper motor turns the drum. The operator can set the drum rotation rate and prep time of the analysis. A digital camera with the assistance of backlight illumination takes digital images of the powder during the rotation process. While collecting the images, the software calculates various parameters of the powder flow behavior (e.g. power of avalanches, time between avalanches, avlanche and rest angle, surface roughness, standard deviation and change over time of these values). The user can perform different types of analysis: Flowability, Fluidization, Mixing, Packing

measurement drum


Measurement Drum

revolution camera and drum

Camera and rotating measurement drum



Powder during Flowability measurement



Powder Fluidization measurement



Powder during Granulation measurement


RPA flow comparison

Comparison of flow measurement parameters
for 5 different powders

RPA charge milk powders

Comparison of charge built-up and dissipation for
milk powder with and without flow agent



powders for additive manufacturing, instant drinks, cacao, pudding, pharmaceutical formulations, toner, fertilizer, washing powder, seeds, milk powder...

  • The powder must flow smoothly from a small container.
    A dairy creamer must pour smoothly and consistently from its packaging. The dairy creamer must be added to the beverage at a constant rate with little added effort.
  • REVOLUTION Test Method: Flowability
  • The powder must fluidize.
    Example: Toner must fluidize to adhere to the printing surface. If the toner does not fluidize in the drum, it will cause uneven or missing printing.
    REVOLUTION Test Method: Fluidization

  • The powder must fill a processing die evenly and repeat ably.
    Example: A tableting die must be filled with the same amount of powder every time to insure a proper dosage of the drug.
    REVOLUTION Test Method: Flowability and Mixing

    The powder must form larger particles during a granulation process.
    Example: The formation of large granules helps the powder flow smoothly through process handling equipment.
    REVOLUTION Test Method: Flowability and Granulation

    Powders must be evenly distributed in thin layers
    Example: Powders in additive manufacturing
    REVOLUTION Test Method: Flowability and Packing

  • The powder must remain the same particle size during handling, mixing or blending.
    Example: Milk powder has to mix properly with water for the powder to dissolve properly. Large clumps of powder that do not dissolve can plug bottle nipples.
    REVOLUTION Test Method: Flowability and Caking