Evolution Powder Tester - Measurement of Powder Flowability



Evolution Powder Tester and Measurement Cell and
Weight for Time-Consolidation off the instrument

Evolution Powder Tester Flyer

The Evolution Powder Tester is an economical and easy-to-use powder flow tester that measures the unconfined yield strength of a powdered material (a critical flow property). The unconfined yield strength can be measured at one pressure or at many different pressures in order to create a flow function. The flow function presents the material’s gain in strength after more pressure had been applied to it. The results are used when optimizing the flowability of powders, for quality control and for prediction of flow problems for example after storage.

Evolution Powder Tester Advantages:
  • Measure powder flowability of a compressed sample directly
  • At a fraction of the cost of competitive instruments
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    Cheap sets of multiple cells for time consolidation

Working Principle: The powder or granular material is filled into the measurement cup of the EPT. The sample cup is placed into the instrument and is automatically compressed to a given value (major consolidation stress). In a second step the instrument pushes the sample cake out of the cup and slowly increases pressure automatically until breakage of the powder cake. The maximum pressure reached is the unconfined yield strength. Alternatively several sample cups can be stored under load with weights at ambient condition or in a climate chamber. Afterwards they are placed in the EPT instrument and powder cake strength is measured again automatically.

The Benefits of Powder Flow Measurement:

  • Maintain flow out of hoppers, bins and storage containers
  • Predict caking, bridging & non.uniform flow during manufacturing process.
  • Evaluate ingredient suppliers for the choice of suppliers and quality components
  • Improve Quality & consistency by measuring the components of a products formulation
  • Reduce costs & increase production speed of powder processing, blending & tableting

Technical Data:

Instrument size: 9 x 14 x 35 cm

Sample size: 5 or 30 ccm or 100 ccm

Stress Range: 0 to 1000 KPa

Analysis Time: 2 minutes

Major Consolidation Stress
Unconfined Yield Strength
Flow Function
Flow Index
Compression Curve
Powder density depending on load
Time Consolidation


Measurement curve of a sample


Flow Functions of two powders


Time Consolidation of 3 samples in a climate chamber