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Measurement of powder flowability and flow behavior

Testing the flow properties of powders and granular material is easy. Determining which flow properties are relevant to the application can be more challenging. The reason is that not all flow properties are directly related to the problem being studied. In addition, many application issues result not from the initial properties of the material but rather to the fact the these properties have changed as the material is processed or used. e.g. by fluidization, compaction of the powder under load, agglomeration and deagglomeration during flow. For certain applications Revolution Powder Analyzer is the right measurement instrument (dynamic measurement under no load) for others the Evolution Powder Tester (direct measurement of strength of the compacted powder). For the universal powder lab we offer RPA and EPT in a competitively priced package. We also offer the automated but in its principle classic ring shear tester Volution, especially for silo flow applications. NEW: additonal module for powder charge measurement available for Revolution and Volution.