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XPT Software: dynamic image analysis for online measurement of particle size distributions and particle shape

The XPT Particle Analysis software is divided into two independent parts: the analysis program and the reporting program.

The analysis program captures images from a CCD camera, analyses the images with user configurable methods, displays live information about the particles, and stores the results concerning particle properties (number, size, shape) into a raw data file. The analysed raw data contains the information for each detected particle. Additionally one size or shape parameter can be sent to an analog output and/or a video of the camera images can be recorded.

With the reporting program one can run multiple data evaluation procedures on the raw data file generated in the analysis module and display the results in different ways (distribution type, weighting, choice of size or shape parameter to be displayed…) as often as desired without having to repeat the measurement.

The software is also available in CFR21 part 11 version with electronic signatures and user access levels by hardware token. Switching to this version is possible simply by acquiring the license for it plus one hardware token (“Yubikey”) per user. In this case we also supply the user management program which allows establishing a certificate authority (CA manager) in the user company to manage user rights via the hardware tokens.

The following video gives a short overview of the operation of the XPT software:

XPT Software Demonstration

The following video shows the particle detection options of the XPT Software:

Measurement Method Creation for the XPT Software