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Working principle of LUMiFuge

working principle LUMiFuge

Working principle of the LUMiFuge:
The centrifugation at 6xg - 2300 xg results in an accelerated migration of the particles. Local alterations of particles concentration are detected due to changes in light transmission. The graphic representation of transmission as a function of the local position reveals the corresponding transmission profile. Zones of well mixed dispersions scatter and adsorb the light, so transmission is low. In contrast, any clarification allows more light to reach the CCD-line: transmission raises. The samples are analysed in user defined intervals between 10s to 600s. A complete measurement takes typically 5 minutes to 24 hours depending on the application. The corresponding sequence of the profiles is shown in red to green color codes. The evolution of the transmission profiles during the centrifugation allows in addition the quantification of dispersion stability and the understanding of the demixing phenomena or destabilisation causes.

transmission profiles over time

Software:The above Transmissionprofiles show an example of the measurement of an emulsion. The SepView software package for measurement and data analysis fullfills the requirements of CFR21 Part 11.

comparison of dispersion stability

Demixing velocity:
Simultaneous on-line representation of demixing as function of time during the centrifugation of up to 8 or 12 samples. The integrated analysis tools determine speed of demixing.